Sunday, January 10, 2010

Give me a "raisin"

Mommy says we should let people know how much improvement I've made on English, and mommy says this is a good example:

Aaron: Come downstairs, mommy
Mommy: Why?
Aaron: 下楼,mommy!
Mommy: Why? give me a reason
Aaron: 嗯。。。? 你要吃葡萄干?
Mommy: ????
Aaron: 我们学校葡萄干就叫raisin

Look... I can reach both sides

As time goes by, one thing is for sure: I am getting bigger and bigger!

BTW, what daddy implies here is that -- He is NOT sure whether I have been learning much.

Sunny boy remake

I guess daddy really likes the idea of "sunny boy". Remember this one from 2006? Today we made a grown up version after 3 years.